Your complete, balanced and economic "on the go" drink. Discover the taster pack

It is a nutritionally complete meal, consisting of a powder-based food -  KÜiK – to which one of our 8 KÜiK flavour boosts is added.

The mixture is drunk in the form of a shake, once water is added and blended in a shaker.

€38.00 (VAT incl.)
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KÜiK FOR NIGHT, the new 1,5kg meal replacement for gamers! Do you spend lots of nights playing Fortnite? Do you need a quick-to-prepare and healthy meal? We have the solution: KÜiK For Night, created for the nights...
€19.00 (VAT incl.)
Premium Complete Meal Replacement Vanilla individual pouch    Are you a KÜiK Vanilla lover? Then you will love our new product! We present you our vanilla flavoured individually wrapped meal replacement shakes....