KÜiK accessories will provide you everything you need to enjoy your favorite drink! 
€10.00 (VAT incl.)
3 reviews
The KÜiK Shaker goes with you on all your adventures making it easier to mix your shakes! It includes a strainer that allows you  to avoid clumps forming.  Materials without bisphenol-A (BPA-FREE). Suitable for use...
€5.90 (VAT incl.)
2 reviews
Here we have the new Shaker Kompakt: It’s the perfect version for intrepid sportsmen and KÜiK adventurers! You’ll be able to take it in your sports or work bag, since it has a compact design and a cap that can be...
€5.00 (VAT incl.)
2 reviews
The KÜIK sticker sheet enables you to personalize your KÜiK bag or any article you have at home! They are perfect for smooth surfaces, display windows, furniture, booklets and a lot more. One sheet contains 8...