Nutritional evaluation of KÜiK Meal VS Huel

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If you have a lifestyle that does not always allow you to take a break to cook and / or eat properly, but you still think that a balanced diet is important for your way of life: the solution may be the meal replacement with powder-based complete food.


If you are thinking about trying this type of products it essential to know their characteristics.

KÜiK Meal has been recently added to 2 well-known product comparators ( and -Review/) and because of that we also wanted to share an article with an objective comparison, and for that we consulted 3 independent nutritionist to get an unbiased view on the two complete meal replacements that we will compare here: Huel and KÜiK Meal.

info KÜiK


As you can see in the nutritional table above, Huel is richer in protein (29.6g vs 23g), with mainly pea protein and whole rice protein, both from plant origin. On the other hand, the proteins of KÜiK Meal come from the whey protein contained in the milk. This lactose-free protein is considered a “superfood” and is the most used in sports supplements. This whey protein contains a high level of branched amino acids (or BCAA), especially leucine, contributing to the development of muscles. By comparing the different protein sources of the two brands, we can say that KÜiK Meal has the highest Biological Value. This measurement, between 0 and 100, represents the amount of protein that our body can use and depends on the percentage of assimilated protein.

proteins KÜiKproteins 2 KÜiK

To sum up, even though Huel contains more proteins, those of KÜiK Meal have higher biological value, and they are more effective and more digestible.


Both formulas contain about 40% carbohydrates, although the quantity is slightly higher in KÜiK Meal.

Once more, the carbohydrate sources are different for both brands. KÜiK Meal uses maltodextrin from corn, which is a complex carbohydrate with a high glycemic index, while Huel uses oatmeal powder, a source of complex carbohydrates, but also vegetable proteins, lipids, fibers, and trace elements. Maltodextrin is widely used in the food industry because it is flavorless and very stable.
carbohidrates KÜiK


KÜiK Meal is a bit richer in fats, so it brings a little more energy than Huel. Do not worry about the lipid content in this product: the fat is used here for its satiating effect and not for its high energy value. The lipids of KÜiK Meal come from rapeseed oil, which has the advantage of containing the highest levels of unsaturated fatty acids (mono and polyunsaturated). The lipids of the Huel product come from coconut and sunflower oil. Both of these oils have a similar amount of saturated fatty acids. The proportion of total lipids is lower in Huel products than KÜiK Meal, meaning that KÜiK Meal provides a higher quantity of quality lipids.
fats KÜiK


Huel contains 1.7g more of dietary fiber than KÜiK Meal, and it comes from oat and flax seed powder. These sources provide soluble and insoluble fiber, which are the two types of fiber. KÜiK Meal provides less fiber but all of it comes from fructo-oligosaccharides, which are soluble and fermentable fibers with a prebiotic effect that increases the activity of the gut microbiota, which has beneficial effects on health.
fibers KÜiK


KÜiK Mealbrings a much higher level of vitamins than Huel: almost x2! A portion of KÜiK Mealguarantees minimum a 44% of the recommended daily intakes of each micronutrient, as defined by the European Food Safety Authority. In contrast, a portion of Huel guarantees only a 20% of the daily recommendations. We have to have in mind that a diet that provides extra amounts of vitamins and minerals is not dangerous, because the toxic dose is much higher than recommended. Therefore, we can say that KÜiK Meal is rich in micronutrients and can be beneficial for people that have a diet with that has deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals.
vitamines KÜiK


Huel products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, whereas KÜiK Meal products are manufactured in Spain in a cooperative of Asturias.

Huel uses a technology known as "dry-blend", to obtain a homogeneous last product through a stirring mixture of different ingredients. KÜiK Meal uses a "spray drying" technology for its manufacture. This is a more complex technology that is characterized by high quality processes that meet the requirements of medical nutrition. This technology consists in mixing the ingredients in an aqueous medium to then succeed in homogenizing the nutrients and pasteurizing the solution, which is dried thanks to the "spray-dryer" or atomizer, in which it is dispersed in small drops and then dried thanks to a hot air current. As a result, this technique makes possible to produce a finer and more homogeneous powder that is easier to mix with water, avoiding a floury texture when consumption.


Depending on the technology used, the flavor of the product may vary. In fact, the "spray drying" allows encapsulating the lipids, thus masking their bad taste and delaying their oxidation. Moreover, thanks to its development process, KÜiK Meal is more creamy and homogenous. On the other hand, because of its way of production, Huel contains more lumps and its general texture is floury. When it comes to flavors, this is a subjective and questionable parameter. Consequently, we organized a blind sensory test where people didn’t know which product they were testing. This study was conducted with 31 people aged 29 to 37 years old, and the results were unanimous: more than 92% of the respondents preferred KÜiK Meal.
flavours KÜiK


In the end, we think that both products give a solution to the same problem: the lack of time and the need of a balanced alternative. With their different characteristics, these products can be adapted to everyone’s personal needs, nevertheless, we trust KÜiK Meal and this is the reason that led us to develop this product.

We hope you will try KÜiK Meal and leave us your opinion through our feedback system!

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