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Get with your KÜIK STARTER PACK, a KÜiK T-shirt and KÜiK stickers FOR FREE

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Our STARTER PACK contains everything you need to live the KÜiK experience! Pack valued on 66€! 

 €2 a meal! Pharmaceutical quality guaranteed. 

The pack contains 15 complete meals, for a total weight of 1.5kg

To improve the KÜiK experience, we place at your disposal -in the section "What flavour would you like?", further down in this page- the chance of combining it with our range of 8 flavourings, the KÜiK Flavour BOOSTs:  vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies, vegetables, coffee, chicken & pineapple-coconut.

Get with your KÜiK STARTER, a T-shirt and KÜiK stickers for FREE! Pack valued at € 66 

El Starter Pack contains: 

  • 1 KÜiK Meal bag, neutral flavour (1,5kg / 15 meals)
  • 1 KÜiK FLavour Boosts taster pack  
  • 1 KÜiK shaker, 700ml  
  • 1 White or grey KÜiK t-shirt, S/M/L/XL   
  • 1 sticker sheet 

KÜiK Meal is a nutritionally balanced powder food, developed with the support of a medical nutrition laboratory*. Mixed with water, it forms a delicious shake that replaces a whole meal.


The standard ration is 100g/469kcal, which covers 1/5 of the total needs of an average adult – both in terms of composition and calorie intake. In the tab “NUTRITIONAL TABLE” you will be able to find the complete nutritional table, compared with the recommendations of the European Union.


Its neutral flavour combines perfectly with any food, although mixing it changes the calorie and nutritional intake of the meal of which it forms part. We therefore suggest you associate KÜiK with one or more of our flavourings – the KÜiK Flavour Boosts – which will confer a delicious sweet or savoury taste on your drink.


*Laboratoires Grand Fontaine

It is an international company specialized on the healthcare field: in the research, development and manufacture of medical nutrition products for adults.


Laboratoires Grand

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