It is a nutritionally complete meal, consisting of a powder-based food -  KÜiK – to which one of our 8 KÜiK flavour boosts is added.

The mixture is drunk in the form of a shake, once water is added and blended in a shaker.

Order our taster pack to try out our flavours, both sweet and savoury!



Did you know that over two million people in Spain don’t eat breakfast regularly?

The specialists insist that it is the most important meal in the day, yet only 1 out of every 4 eat it properly. What is a proper breakfast supposed to be then? Well, breakfast is supposed to provide us between 20-25% of overall daily energy.

A standard KÜiK drink supplies 465kcal, which would represent 23% of the energy in a normal 2000 Kcal/day diet.


The tedious cycle of preparing the Tupper:
shopping -> cooking-> washing up the cooking utensils -> eating the Tupper -> washing up the Tupper
This can be reduced to 2 minutes with KÜiK:
1- pour 100g of KÜiK into your shaker
2- add your favourite flavour boost (sweet or savoury).

When lunchtime comes around, you just have to add water (300-400 ml) and eat! Run some water into the shaker after using it and that's it!


We all know that it is important to spread our daily food intake over 5 meals a day, but we often feel very hungry when dinner time arrives and we eat too much.

½ ration of KÜiK in mid-afternoon helps you to spread out your total daily intake in a more balanced manner.


Since dinner is the last meal of the day after which we do not usually move around much, the intake should not be too copious, but rather it should be a light, nutritious and balanced meal.

Is it perhaps the right moment to take a ration of KÜiK with savoury flavours? Add your vegetable or chicken flavour to ¾ of a ration of KÜiK (17 g of protein - 348 Kcal). Warm it up (without bringing it to the boil so as to preserve the vitamins and minerals in their optimum condition), and have dinner.



Put 100g of KÜiK in your shaker
(4 spoonfuls)


Add the KÜiK Flavour Boost that you fancy


Mix it with 300/400ml of water, depending on the desired texture



Shake it for 10 seconds, and GO!


Are you more of League of Legends or Fortnite? It doesn’t matter, you have the perfect plan for this Sunday, a non-stop gaming session. You are in the midst of a battle to save the world ….. and are you going to stop now to cook a prepared pizza? Better prepare a Cookies flavour KÜiK Meal and carry on with the Battle Royale!

Do you have little time to play the sport you like most? Have a KÜIK Meal before playing sport, so you will save time and be able to train a bit longer. And if you take it afterwards, you will optimize your recovery time thanks to its high serum protein content!

Doesn't it bother you to have to do the interminable queues that are formed at the bar on the ski slopes. Take a KÜIK while you go up on the ski lift and don’t waste even a second waiting! You’re going to have the energy you need to speed down the slopes!

Do you spend lengthy days at work and have to maintain maximum concentration? Eating properly is vital for keeping up your job performance.

Do you like travelling and exploring new places on a low budget, but you’re already fed up with the typical tourist restaurants, which what’s more are terribly expensive? Get well informed about which restaurants to eat at and combine this with KÜIK MEAL snacks so as to get maximum enjoyment from your trip.

Do you get nervous when exam time comes round? Maybe you will benefit from a zinc and vitamin C supplement, which act as brain protectors in face of oxidative stress. Take a KÜIK MEAL, energy will flow and you’ll be able to go on studying!

We know you spend hours on means of transport to get to the perfect spot…. with KÜiK Meal you won’t have to go with the first thing you find at stations or at a supermarket on the way! You will have a complete balanced meal, which will give you energy for the rest of the day.

Are you a designer? You surely spend hours over your work table without seeing daylight, eating in a hurry…..  KÜiK Meal will supply you with the vitamin supplement you need to keep effectively concentrated on your work!

If you’re a climber, you require a food that will supply you with sufficient calories to be able to stand 3, 4 and even 5 hours on rock faces. Take KÜiK Meal with you on your next climb! It’s easy to digest and you will feel your body more agile while you’re on the sheerest walls or you’ll leap over the deepest crevices!

You’ve been on duty for 12 hours and you’ve missed lunch hour again…  You’re going to ask them to send up a sandwich from cafeteria, or …. You’re going to relax for a few minutes with your really cold vanilla KÜiK Meal at the hospital door.

The swell is perfect, the day glassy and you don’t want to miss a single wave. You leave your KÜiK Meal on your towel. When you feel like stopping for a while to eat something light to restore your energy, you only have to get that freezing water back (which really is pretty cold now) and mix it in your shaker. Now you’re ready to get back on the crest and go on paddling all afternoon long!

Hikers spend hours walking laden with a knapsack on their back full of “just in case” items. What better option than cutting down the weight with a KÜiK Meal for lunch and just carry the bare essentials.


...One day Enric's brother told us about a nutritionally complete powder-based meal that was all the rage in Silicon Valley… The San Francisco techies appeared to have at last found the answer to eating in a balanced way while also saving time. The deception came when we were able to try the products, they tasted of sand/iron (just to mention a few of the comments arising from the tasting session)… Then we realized that with the help of Laboratoires Grand Fontaine we could develop a drink that met this need, with a delicious taste while maintaining the pharmaceutical quality in the whole production process…. 

Enric wanted savoury tastes, Roxane sweet ones. Albert, confirmed that it was possible to have both. This is how KÜiK came out. KÜiK is our particular adaptation of the Anglicism “Quick”, as reflection of the lives we lead. We want to eat KÜiK, but to have more time for ourselves...


Canola Oil

It is a lipid of vegetable origin with the highest quantity of both mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids, including amongst these Omega-3: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which helps to keep cholesterol levels normal.

Maize Mailtodextrin

This highly digestible carbohydrate, coming from maize, supplies
the energy needed for everyday activity.

Whey Protein

It is the protein with the highest biological value. It possesses high nutritional value and provides all the amino acids required by the organism, besides branched chain amino acids (BAAA), which foments protein synthesis and maintains muscle mass.

Soluble Fibre (Fructoolicosaccharides)

It is a fermentable soluble formula that exerts a prebiotic effect, boosting intestinal flora activity, with a beneficial effect for digestive health.

Vitamin and Mineral Mix

KÜIK uses a unique formula that contains 28 vitamins and minerals that the body needs, besides covering a minimum of 44% of the daily recommended intakes at one go.



Zero Waste!

Our concern for the environment is evident in the design of our product.

KÜiK comes in 1.5kg bags and not it bottles or single-use sachets, which generates kilos of waste.

"Creativity inside"

You’ll find this #tag on the front of the product, below the logo. It refers both to the creative effort of the team and to the imagination of KÜiK users. It pays homage to the diversity of our consumers, leaving them a space for expression not only blank, but also full of potential and humour.

We hope you fill it with creativity!


So many things to do and so little time…. Wait, there’s still hope! Although a day has only 24 hours, it’s all a question of organization.

KÜiK provides you with the energy needed to continue with your day so that you can do whatever feel like to do, #Dontstop!



He is a pharmacist devoted to marketing who takes part in triathlons.

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A Frenchie who felt in love with Barcelona.

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Albert is a pharmacist specialized in nutrition who loves crossfit.

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An economist who loves being with children.

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A journalist who loves dancing and animals.

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What is KÜiK?

KÜiK is a complete, balanced powder-based food, which is taken as a shake.

It replaces a traditional meal, as it contains all the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and fibres you need per day.

In addition, KÜiK provides you with all the 28 vitamins and minerals recommended daily by the European Food Safety Authority.

Why is it called like this?

It sounds like “quick” or “fast” in English. This is because KÜiK is used at times when the rate of living is speeded up.

What does the logo represent?

The KÜiK logo unites both dots of the “ü” dieresis in a way that recalls the infinite.

It symbolizes both the constant search for improvement (semper ad meliora) – which could sum up the spirit of KÜiK – as the cycle of life.

We have left it blank inside so that you may fill it with your own creativity.

How is it prepared?

KÜiK is very easy to prepare: put 4 spoonfuls in your shaker, add your favourite flavour boost, mix it with 300/400ml of water, shake it for 10 seconds and GO!

It’s perfect for those moments when you don't have much time.

When to take it?

KÜiK can be taken both at specific moments and regularly, at any time of the day, as one ration provides all the nutrients needed for the normal working of the body.

One KÜiK drink supplies 469Kcal, which represents 1/4-1/5 of the total reference daily calorie intake of a normal adult (2000Kcal). It also supplies 44% of all the vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

The aim of KÜiK, therefore, is not to replace what we call food “completely”.

It is a balanced alternative, opposed to “junk food” or precooked dishes that are saturated with salt and fats, besides offering little nutritional value.

Where is it produced?

In Asturias.

Production is carried out in conjunction with a dairy cooperative, as the KÜiK protein comes from whey. We went to seek it out specially so as to place a top rated nutritional solution at your disposal.

What does it taste like?

KÜiK has a “neutral” taste. That means that it is neither savoury nor sweet, so that you may combine it with ingredients of all kinds.

Why use whey protein?

Whey protein is obtained from the liquid that is produced during the coagulation of milk in the cheese-making process. For KÜiK we use the protein concentrate (WPC), which contains 80% protein.

First of all, because it is prized for its high nutritional value. It is one of the proteins with the highest biological value. This means that its amino acid composition is one of the most complete and its absorption will be amongst the best and fastest. It provides a boost in the synthesis of muscle proteins and quick absorption, which assists muscle recovery and increases strength. It is therefore recommended to take KÜiK before, during and after doing sport.

Secondly, because whey protein gives KÜiK such a unique and pleasant milky flavour.

Are all the vitamins and minerals absorbed by the body?

The KÜiK mixture of vitamins and minerals is designed to increase the supply of these micronutrients, which may be lacking in the Western population. 

It is true that, depending on many factors, the absorption of these is diminished. This is why KÜiK contains sufficient quantities so that the vitamins and minerals may be absorbed by our body in the proper form and amount.

Can it help me to slim?

KÜiK is designed to replace a traditional meal and supplies between 1/4-1/5 of the calories needed per day in a normal adult.

What really helps to slim is the calorie deficit, i.e. the intake of fewer calories than what the body uses per day. This is why KÜiK is a food that may be integrated into a low-calorie diet with a view to losing weight.

Will taking KÜiK satiate me?

As is well known, solids diets produce a greater sensation of fullness than liquid ones due to the fact of chewing and having a longer digestion.

One dose of KÜiK, however, provides 23% of the calories recommended for a normal adult as it is a very dense food in nutritional terms.

In addition, proteins are the nutrient that are most closely related to satiety and KÜiK has a high content of these (23g/100g).

Specifically, it contains a mixture of whey protein, of the highest biological value, with milk casein proteins, which are slow absorption and therefore prolong the sensation of fullness. KÜiK is a low glycaemic index food, a factor that is also associated with a higher satiety index.

Can it be taken both hot and cold?

Yes, sometimes it is more appetizing hot in winter, but don’t overheat it as heat could lower vitamin and mineral levels.

From April to September we recommend taking it cold!

What is it useful life?

12 months

Is KÜiK organic?

Not entirely. Some of its ingredients are of synthetic origin, but that does not mean that it has poor quality.

In addition, organic ingredients are much more expensive, which would have an impact on the end price of the product and this would not allow us to produce a food product both of nutritional quality and affordable at the same time.

Is KÜiK suitable for people with allergies and intolerances?

Yes. KÜiK Meal does not contain gluten, nuts or transgenic ingredients.

People with lactose intolerance should take care though. KÜiK is considered low in lactose as its content is minimal. Analyses indicate an average of 0.2g of lactose per ration or 100g (it is guaranteed at less than 1.4g per ration or 100g), as it contains lactose-free whey protein, but traces of it may still remain.

Considering that a person with severe intolerance may become aware of symptoms with some 2g of lactose, in principle taking a ration of KÜiK would not cause problems for the majority of people with intolerance.

In any case, we recommend people with intolerance to take precautions and try out small amounts of KÜiK to see its reaction. 

And what about people on specific diets?

  1. Vegans

Are you a vegan? Don't worry! We're working on a special version that will meet the requirements of a vegan diet.

  1. Flexitarians

KÜiK is suitable for flexitarians. That means that it is for you if you are following a daily vegetarian diet but occasionally eat foods of animal origin.

  1. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 4 years old.

Consult your doctor before taking it.

What is the glycaemic index of KÜiK?

KÜiK has a glycaemic index termed as low or below 55.

This means that the carbohydroates reach the bloodstream slowly, thereby avoiding insulin peaks and producing a more satiating effect.

Aren't liquid-based diets bad for the health?

The doubts that arise regarding diets based on liquids are due to the fact chewing does not take place and this is part of the digestion process.

The problems associated, however, are more related to “full liquid diets” with overlong periods. We at KÜiK, recommend the inclusion of our product in a normal, varied and balanced diet.

Another problem associated with liquid diets is that they are often deficient in fibre. KÜiK provides a good amount of this nutrient with 27g per 2000Kcal.

Where can you buy KÜiK?

For the moment KÜiK can only be bought online (www.kuikmeal.com).

Is it possible to buy it from abroad?


KÜiK is available in Europe.

Do you have further questions?

If you have queries or want further information on KÜiK, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by means of our contact form.
We will be delighted to answer all your questions!