Shaker KÜiK Kompakt

Here we have the new Shaker Kompakt: It’s the perfect version for intrepid sportsmen and KÜiK adventurers!

You’ll be able to take it in your sports or work bag, since it has a compact design and a cap that can be closed efficiently, making sure the liquid will remain inside the shaker, so you can take it to any place in the world!

The included strainer ensures you can take your drink lump free.

Suitable for use in dishwashers, microwave ovens and freezers.

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The new Shaker KÜiK Kompakt is the ideal version to take to the gym or your bike trips, since the new design incorporates a screw fastening to avoid your drink from spilling in a more efficient way, therefore avoiding some accidents in your sports bag.

Also, thanks to its compact design it will be your perfect partner for practising any kind of sport, either in the mountain, the gym or the city!

It’s as easy as taking your favourite KÜiK and your Shaker Kompakt and and starting a new adventure. Don’t let anything stop you!

Easy twist technology

The new Shaker Kompakt has a completely new design both in the container and the cap and lid. The new system allows you to twist the cap and the lid, which will prevent you from spilling the drink in your bag.

The shaker consists in: bottle, cap, lid and strainer to avoid lump formation.

Say goodbye to spilling accidents

In the production of the cap and lid a softer kind of plastic was used. The result is a perfect fit between the screw cap, lid and the bottle. This innovation avoids in an efficient way the loss of liquid.


Cap and lid are not connected


The new Shaker KÜiK is super comfortable for drinking. Since the lid is not connected to any additional plastic piece, we avoid any nose or forehead disturbances while drinking.


No more available excuses, get your own Shaker KÜiK Kompakt!

Technical description

·       High quality non-toxic plastic, BPA & DEHP free

·       Modern and ergonomic design

·       100% leak proof

·       Twist lid and cap

·       Snap-on concave shaped strainer

·       600 mL maximum capacity, measurement scale up to 500 mL

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