KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies

The cookies flavour boost is ideal for the sweetest ones. Its flavour fits perfectly with your daily KÜiK.

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Each box of Flavour Boost Cookies contains 15 sticks single-dose with cookies flavour. The KÜiK Flavour Boosts enable you to aromatize your shakes to your liking. Turn your KÜiK Meal in a delicious and unique healthy shake with 0% sugar added!

Important! The KÜiK Flavour Boost are recommended to be added to your KÜiK Meal Neutral Bag.

All Flavour Boosts are developed with the support of one laboratory of medical nutrition*.


How to use one KÜiK Flavour Boost?

The KÜiK Flavour Boosts were designed to aromatize KÜiK, which has a neutral taste, neither sweet nor savoury.

They come in single-dose 5g or 10g sticks, depending on the flavour. In a pack you will find 15 sticks, since a KÜiK bag contains the equivalent of 15 meals (100g/469kcal). 

Remember that a flavour boost cannot be taken alone, it needs to be diluted in a liquid. We therefore recommend that you only use a KÜiK Flavour Boost for the purpose for which it was designed. 


Our recommendation

We recommend the KÜiK Cookies flavour for those who love sweet flavours. It is one of our favorites!


*Laboratoires Grand Fontaine

It is an international company specialized on the healthcare field: in the research, development and manufacture of medical nutrition

Want to learn more?: http://www.grandfontaine.eu 

Laboratoires Grand

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2019-08-13 21:36:35
Me encanta este sabor, está super bien conseguido.
Purchased products: KÜiK Flavour Boosts Chocolate KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies KÜiK Flavour Boosts Strawberry Vainilla ForNight Shaker KÜiK Kompakt
2019-05-11 14:59:50
Muy bueno el de cookies. Recomiendo kuik.
Purchased products: KÜiK Flavour Boost Multiflavour KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies
Luis Alberto
2019-02-25 13:36:48
No es un sabor que me guste mucho para los batidos, pero realmente si sabe a cookies de chocolate.
Kuik Reply
Gracias Luis, pronto tendremos el KUIK Vainilla ya saborizado, esperamos que te guste cuando puedas probarlo. Almenos estamos contentos de que el de cookies te sepa a cookies :)
Purchased products: KÜiK Meal Starter Pack KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies
2019-01-08 16:15:12
He probado todos los sabores (menos salados) y me quedo con este! Mi favorito
Purchased products: KÜiK Meal Bag 1,5 Kg KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies
2018-11-06 17:55:26
No estaba en la caja.
Kuik Reply
Gracias Olivier! Al final se pudo solucionar todo! Saludos
Purchased products: KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies
KÜiK Flavour Boosts Cookies has a rating of 6.67 out of 10 based on 6 customer reviews.