Vainilla ForNight

KÜiK FOR NIGHT, the new 1,5kg meal replacement for gamers!

Do you spend lots of nights playing Fortnite? Do you need a quick-to-prepare and healthy meal? We have the solution: KÜiK For Night, created for the nights when you need extra energy!

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No matter what your favourite game is, a good and balanced nutrition is essential. KÜiK For Night is the nutritional solution for gamers who want to have a night gaming session.

The KÜiK For Night formula has been produced with sport nutritionists and dietitians. To develop this new product we have studied professional gamers and have payed attention to common problems: many hours spent in the same posture, headaches, joint pain, visual fatigue.

Here there are some of the principal ingredients and benefits:

  • Vitamin B6 and B12: anti-fatigue agents to keep focused during long sessions.
  • Vitamin C: it helps in the collagen synthesis for the articulations.
  • Vitamin A and B2: it helps in the maintenance of vision.
  • Also, it contains taurine that stimulates concentration, reduces the tiredness and helps with the nerves!
  • Additionally, your KÜiK will contain a high quantity of whey protein to help you recover your muscles and increase your resistance.
  • It also provides amino acids such as L-tyrosine, a precursor of some neurotransmitters as important as adrenaline.
  • It’s as tasty as a milkshake

KÜiK For Night is a nutritionally balanced meal, consisting of a powder-based food, that is developed by the support from a medical nutrition lab. Mixed with water, it is a delicious drink that replaces a complete meal.


The standard portion for a meal is 100g/435kcal, what means that KÜiK covers 1/5 of the total needs of an average adult - both in terms of composition and caloric intake. In the "NUTRITIONAL TABLE" tab, you can find the nutritional table, compared to the recommendations of the European Union.


Laboratoires Grand Fontaine

An international company committed to the healthcare of people. It is specialised in research, development and manufacture of medical nutrition products for adults.

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2019-08-13 21:35:35
Buen sabor y textura agradable
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2019-07-04 21:36:47
Excelente producto . Te ahorras tiempo en preparar nada y te aporta los mismos beneficios que una comida convencional.
Purchased products: Vainilla ForNight
Vainilla ForNight has a rating of 10 out of 10 based on 2 customer reviews.