KÜiK Vanilla 1,5Kg - Meal replacement shake

KÜiK Vanilla is a meal replacement shake created by nutrition experts to meet all the essentials daily requirements an adult needs.

  • 15 meals per pack
  • 435kcal per meal
  • As tasty as a milkshake
  • No allergens
  • 18g of proteins
  • No sugar added

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As Vanilla has always been our Kuikers’ favourite flavour boost, we’ve decided to create KÜiK Vanilla: a nutritionally complete meal with a hint of delicious Vanilla, so you can enjoy your favourite flavour super Kuikly.

At KÜiK we like to make life easier for our KÜiKers, and that’s why we’ve created our new Vanilla format. Now, in the same bag you will have all the macronutrients that your body needs to give your best on your busy day!

KÜiK Vanilla is perfect for any time of the day! Add a sweet moment to your day with the new KÜiK Vanilla!

KÜiK Vanilla is a nutritionally balanced meal replacement shake. Powder-based food developed with the support of a nutrition laboratory, KÜiK contains 28 essentials vitamins and minerals. When mixed with water, it forms a delicious drink that replaces a whole meal.

A 1,5kg bag contains 15 complete meals. Only £2,5 per meal, what a great way to stay healthy!


KÜiK is a nutritionally balanced food, a substitute for a complete and balanced meal as it provides all the proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and fibers you need.

The standard ration is 100g / 435kcal, which covers approximately 1/5 of the total needs of an average adult, both in terms of composition and caloric intake.

435kcal, is the equivalent of a big salad or a cheese burger, but with all the vitamins, proteins and minerals you need to stay healthy - zero nasties. It contains 28 essential vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of your body.

A KÜiK intake contains 23 g of protein. Kuik meals are complete meals, perfect also for athletes or people who want to lose weight!

The distribution of macronutrients in this vanilla meal replacement shake is what’s needed for a balanced diet. This adjustment of the percentages of macronutrients would be the main difference with respect to the original KüiK Meal flavour. KÜiK Vanilla also contains less Kcal, as and has a reduced the amount of lipids and proteins. This results in a slightly lighter meal, ideal for people who are always on the run.

As with all our products, this new formula has been developed with the support of a medical nutrition laboratory.

In the "NUTRITIONAL TABLE" tab, you can find the complete nutritional table, compared to the recommendations of the European Union.


* Laboratoires Grand Fontaine

It is an international company dedicated to the health care of people, specialising in the research, development and manufacture of medical nutrition products for adults.

More information: http://www.grandfontaine.eu

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2019-06-01 14:09:44
En primer lugar quiero destacar la extraordinaria atención por parte del equipo de Küik. Respecto al batido, es cierto que queda bastante líquido (sobre todo si estás acostumbrado a batidos whey) yo hago con 300ml, pero tampoco quiero bajar porque con esta proporción la verdad es que quedas saciado por unas horas. No llevo tiempo como para hablar de impacto en peso o estado físico/anímico. El sabor: muy correcto, partiendo de cómo son los sabores a vainilla. En general muy satisfecho con el producto.
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